12 Best T-Shirts on Amazon for Men

Mariana Salvo


There’s a lot of talk about what constitutes a closet staple (yeah, even from us). From different kinds of jackets to a slew of shoes, styles are ushered in and out with every season. Even the perfect cut of underwear evolves every couple of years. But the one constant in a sea of change is the mighty T-shirt. It is perennial and widespread; pretty much every brand and retailer on the planet offers one. Just search “T-shirt” on Amazon, and you can see that the options are vast—intimidatingly so.

The structure of the staple is simple: It comes in the shape of T, hence its name, and is often made of cotton, though tech blends are increasingly popular, especially for working out. Collars are usually crewneck, sometimes V-neck, and are cast in every conceivable color. It can be a base layer or a top layer, worn indoors or out, and dressed up or down. It’s the simplicity that allows for such dizzying variety. And Amazon offers up a selection of tees that is indeed dizzying. As a result, finding the standouts takes some time. To help save you precious hours (yes, it could take that long), we sifted through the site and found the 12 best T-shirts for all kinds of situations.

Looking for a foolproof undergarment? Hanes and the retailer’s in-house label have you covered. Want something ideal for your next run? Under Armour and Nike are the brands to know. In the market for something luxurious to wear out and about? Make sure Missoni and Calvin Klein are on your radar. Fill up your closet with one or more of these styles, because, as we all know, the T-shirt ain’t going anywhere.

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Basic Short Sleeve T-Shirt



It should come as no surprise that the OG maker of sweatpants and hoodies offers the perfect cotton tee for lounging at home. 

Short-Sleeve Pocket Tee

Comfort Colors


With 45 years in the biz, almost exclusively making tees, Comfort Colors has very mastered how to make the most, well, comfortable tees in, you guessed it, every color. It has a devoted fan base for a reason. 

Heavyweight Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee



Workwear is at its peak when Dickies is on the label. Just take a gander at this heavyweight cotton shirt, which features taped shoulder and neck seams for added durability. 

Essentials Short Sleeve T-Shirt (4-Pack)

Hanes is to undershirts as Kleenex is tissues. The company has solidified its rep by consistently offering soft, sturdy tees at a pretty swell bargain. 

V-Neck Undershirts (6-Pack)

Amazon Essentials


Carrying a plethora of tees from labels far and wide, Amazon has learned a thing or two about what separates the stellar from the subpar. Case in point: This pack of smooth V-neck undershirts by its in-house Essentials label. 

Short Sleeve Monogram T-Shirt

Calvin Klein


The brand that made underwear cool definitely knows how to zhoozh basics. Evidence: This sleek peacoat-blue shirt with exactly the right-size pocket. 

Tech 2.0 Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Under Armour


With a name like that, it totally makes sense that Under Armour offers the kind of stuff that is made for active lifestyles. This shirt, for example, is made of tech fabric that wicks sweat and dries quickly. 

50/50 Crewneck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

American Apparel


American Apparel has definitely gone through the ringer, but it continues to stick around because it makes the kind of fits that just hugs the body in all the right places. Its 50/50 shirts, in particular, are a must-cop. The blend of polyester and cotton in equal measure will do wonders for your silhouette. 

Classic Crew Neck Undershirts (3-Pack)

Polo Ralph Lauren


As the reputed first lifestyle brand, best believe that Polo Ralph Lauren will pony up on more than just, well, polos. It’s undershirts, for instance, are made of ribbed cotton and cut to really hug the body. 

Tech Trail Crewneck Shirt



If you’re looking for fits to wear in the wilderness, Columbia is the name to know. I mean, just check out the name of this shirt, which is made of fabric that combines UPF 50 and Omni-Wick technology. 

Dry Tee

The Swoosh’s Dri-FIT collection needs no introduction. But if you require a refresher, the line is made of a perfect blend of cotton and polyester that ensures comfort and breathability, and wicks sweat. 

Short Sleeve T-Shirt



Amazon is beefing up is luxury offerings, and one of the first brands on the docket is Missoni. The Italian label has accrued a rep for offering the most plush knits, particularly in a chevron pattern. It brings the same kind of detail and quality to it fine selection of men’s tees. If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, know that Missoni won’t steer you wrong. 

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