12 Best Watch Boxes for Men 2021

Mariana Salvo


Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you are, a watch box might sound like something 1) completely indispensable, 2) questionably necessary, or 3) anywhere in between. But even if you find yourself on the naysayer side of the spectrum at the moment, there’s a decent chance you could use one in your life—assuming, of course, that you wear a watch with some regularity. (And if you don’t, what exactly are you doing here?)

The thing about true watch lovers is, well, they love watches. That could apply to a $100K Patek, a $10K Rolex, or a $100 Timex. So while, yes, a watch box is a good way to keep your investment-level timepieces protected and organized, it’ll do the same thing for starters, beaters, and all other various and sundry everyday-ers. A scratch on the acrylic crystal of a Q Timex tossed thoughtlessly in a drawer can hurt just as much as a ding in an Omega, emotionally at least. Plus, you love your watches, right? Don’t you want to know where they all are and be able to gaze upon them laid out before you? Sure you do! So get a watch box.

What kind of watch box is a slightly trickier issue, because so much of it comes down to sheer aesthetics. We’re not talking about travel cases or rolls here, nor are we talking watch winders, which keep the movement of your automatic watch going while it’s not on the wrist. We’re talking about a box that sits on your dresser and holds your watches. It can be a finely wrought creation, pieced together from the most luxurious of materials, or it could be something you got on Amazon for less than the price of last night’s dinner. That’s a call you’ll have to make for yourself, and no one here at Esquire is going to fault you for either decision. What will raise a few eyebrows is, after reading all this, you still don’t get some kind of watch box.

Bring order to your life. Fight the forces of chaos and entropy that suffuse this strange universe of ours. Get the watch box.

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6-Slot Watch Box



A super budget-friendly option in black faux leather with room for six timepieces and a glass top for a little extra convenience.

12-Slot Watch Box



And for only a few bucks more, you can get room for a dozen watches.

6-Slot Watch Box

If your tastes skew a bit more rustic, this wood-and-burlap option is a steal.

12-Slot Watch Box With Jewelry Drawer

Room for all your watches—and your sunglasses (and rings, bracelets, etc.) too.

Watch Box

House of Hampton


Made of reclaimed wood and lined with velvet, this one’s environmentally friendly and a little fancy.

Watch Box

Winston Porter


This eight-slot case can hold watches up to 52mm in diameter. Unless your last name is Stallone, that’s probably too big of a watch for you. But, hey, it’s nice to have the option. 

Windsor Watch Case



Wolf is one of the biggest names in watch cases, and this one—lined in silk and angled at the corners for a mid-century look—is a damn fine intro to the brand.

Ten Piece Watch Box



With space for 10 watches, Nordstrom’s in-house offering should work for all but the most voracious collectors.

Oak/Leather Four-Watch Storage Box



Shinola specializes in well-made, good-looking accessories that feel just luxurious enough, but never precious. This watch box fits the bill, naturally. 

Vintage Collection 10 Piece Watch Box



Oh, boy. Now we’re getting into the upper echelons of the watch-box world. First up, this “coffin-lid” style—a throwback to the popular ones from the ’50s and ’60s—from the collaboration between Wolf and Analog/Shift. 

British Racing Green 10-Watch Box



Next up: this angular entry, also from Wolf and named for the coolest color in automotive racing.

Croc-Effect Leather Watch Box

Rapport London


And to round things out, one more in a damn-good green, this time in croc-effect leather and lined in gray suede, courtesy of the folks at Rapport London.

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