17 Best Swimsuits for Summer 2020

Mariana Salvo

Ah, the bathing suit. Maybe the most iconic item of clothing in film history? Hear me out, and just think of all the great Hollywood moments that’ve happened due to the power of a good pair of swim trunks: Moonlight’s Oscar-clinching swimming lesson, Keanu opening up a can of whoopass in Point Break, and every beach scene in every Bond flick ever. Maybe I’m overstating its importance. Actually… no. And if it’s the only thing you’re wearing, it better look good. We put together the 17 best for 2020. Check ’em out.

Swim Shorts

H&M is a go-to spot for something simple, reliable, and easy on the wallet. 

Men’s Swimming Shorts



Pro tip: Find yourself swim trunks with pockets, unless you want to keep your hands tied up with valuables. Just make sure you take your phone out before you jump into the water. 

Ecru and Orange Stripe Swim Shorts

Creamsicle: underrated color combo. Topman is another favorite for well-priced options. 

Baggies 5-Inch Swim Trunks



Salmon pink looks better in more things than you’d think—start with swim trunks and work your way up to that two-piece suit. Patagonia makes high-quality, affordable swimwear, and the brand’s 5″ trunk is a swimwear staple for the stylish man.

Baggies 7-Inch Swim Trunks



And there’s a 7″ version, if you’d rather show a little less skin.

Black Label Board Shorts



Rhythm’s swimwear selection is understated and very cool, and this retro-inspired pair is no different. You can never go wrong wearing sun-bleached colors at the beach. 

Traveler Mid-Length Swim Shorts

Polo Ralph Lauren


Pale pink from Polo: Your summer power move. 

6″ Stretch Floral Swim Trunk

Who would’ve thought you could capture Midsommar vibes in a pair of swim trunks?

Dry Heat Cactus Swim Trunks



Boardies specializes in beachwear, and they do it well. Really want to blow the rest of the beach away? Cactus print. Yeah. 

Wave Swim Short

Boardies x Lois O’Hara


For those “Miami Beach in July, 1986” vibes.

Channel Cross Short 7″ Liner



Lululemon’s trunks can pull double-duty as training shorts—if you’re the type who tortures yourself with sand sprints.

Charles 7″ Swim Trunks

It only takes a retro-looking pattern like this to cosplay as a ‘50s-era, shades-on beachgoer.  

Bondi 1 Mid-Length Striped Swim Shorts

Derek Rose


Don’t stare at these for too long. 

Moorea Mid-Length Swim Shorts



The Shape—eh, the color—of Water. Vilebrequin, born in St. Tropez, makes iconic French luxury swimwear. 

Floral-Print Swim Shorts



Not brave enough for a Hawaiian shirt? Try the bathing suit equivalent. 

Guildes Swim Trunks



If you want to splurge on a luxury brand like Burberry, this print is a more subtle option than the iconic plaid. Looks like a cozy pair of boxer shorts, but not in a creepy way.

Mid-Length Swim Shorts



Look closer for a neat-looking Easter egg: The stitching is rendered in rainbow shades. Very Missoni.

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