20 Best Beanies for Men 2021

Mariana Salvo


There was a time when I collected a whole mess of beanies. To clarify, they were Beanie Babies, a craze in the ’90s that many thought would appreciate in value. The hat of the same name, however, didn’t fall into my register. I had a coif that I liked to show off, with a swirl in the front that was unmissable. If I did cover my head, I reached for a beret, because I was a plucky kid. But now that my hairline has receded a few inches and and I prefer a combo of function and form, I have come to find that, unlike the stuffed toys, the insulating chapeau would’ve been the better investment.

Beanies are familiar to all at this point, I think, but in case you’re looking to categorize them, they’re brimless, close-fitting caps that do the most in retaining heat. They are usually made of knitted fibers: wool, cashmere, and sturdy cotton blends being the go-tos. Those that live the life aquatic (Steve Zissou, anyone?), in particular, have adopted the style—so much so that fisherman beanies, which are marked by their shorter stance and big cuffs, are a major subcategory unto themselves. But the style isn’t just relegated to seafarers in coastal areas. From skateboarders to preppy fellas to Candy Man, all different kinds of subcultures have embraced the cap.

The beanie is certainly the best option to wear in chilly environments, and has stood the test of time because of this. Even if you don’t sail, skateboard, or prescribe to any of the aforementioned looks (I certainly don’t; well, maybe Candy Man, but that’s a different story), you’re going to need one to brave the blistering cold. Indeed, a beanie will pay dividends tenfold. So make sure to cop one or more of the styles below now, before they sell out when winter officially sets in.

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Loose Knit Beanie

A loose knit you’ll want to hold onto tight. 

Knit Cuffed Beanie

This beanie is so good that we just had to endorse it. 

Classic Cuff Beanie

Brown beanies are always a play, especially when they’re made in South Central, L.A. 

Organic Cotton Ribbed Beanie

The easiest way to stand out for all the right reasons. 

Huckberry Beanie

If you can’t trust Huckberry to make all your warmest winter-ready wares, then, really, who can you trust?

Dock Worker Recycled Beanie

The North Face knows a thing or two about keeping your head—and any part of your body, for that matter—nice and toasty.

Recycled Cotton Cuffed Beanie

Effortlessly cool and eco-conscious.

Tankful Beanie

It’s always wise to give tanks. (Ha!)

Stock Cuff Beanie

Fervent streetwear fans know what’s up.  

Logo-Patch Knitted Beanie

A chunky rib-knit beanie that won’t blow away at the faintest hint of wind. 

Penshaw Cable Beanie

Barbour has been making sturdy and stylish outdoorsy gear for well over a century. And this cable-knit beanie—with a furry pom-pom, of course—is the best way to telegraph your approval.

Ferghouse Logo Beanie

A crown fitted for all Palace fans. 

Out Of The Blue Beanie

Speckled to perfection. 

Cashmere Rib Beanie

Super-soft cashmere from a brand beloved for its anything-but-basics.

Cuff Stripe Beanie

Real skateboarders to the front of the line. 

Embroidered Logo Beanie

Real men wear pink. We didn’t make that rule, but we’re definitely enforcing it. 

Logo Patch Fine Rib-Knit Beanie

A stylish, heavy-duty option from the man that’s surely becoming the poster boy for that description.  

All Over Logo Beanie

If there’s one logo to show off right now, it’s this guy right here. 

Triangle Logo-Plaque Nylon Beanie Hat

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