All Apple Black Friday Deals 2021

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Just because Black Friday 2021 isn’t here yet, doesn’t mean you can’t have a downright fabulous time dropping big bucks on some deals to warm up for the inexorable shopping spree—and on Apple deals, no less. Apple refuses to discount its products in Apple stores or its website for Black Friday, so this year you’ll likely have to bow down to third parties like Amazon and Walmart, who are already blessing us with sales well before the main course.

And it’s all here: AirPods Max finally costs less than $500, dollars on Apple Watches Series 3 through 6 are jumping ship like crazy, and the newest iPads and even MacBooks are joining the revelry at decent percentage-offs. Don’t forget that Beats, which is owned by Apple, is letting its headphones go unhinged on the price front for a while, too.

Though we’re not yet sure if more Apple products will be discounted and more bucks will be shaved off (better pray for it), as Black Friday descends upon us, we’ll definitely keep a sharp lookout for anything to add to (or remove from) this list. Until then, take advantage of these 20 covetable discounts across Apple products right now.

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2021 iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi‑Fi, 256GB)

$1,199.00 ($100 off)

Can’t believe that the latest iPad Pro model released just earlier this year and is already on sale? Get some iPad accessories while you’re at it.

2020 iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB)

$749.00 (13% off)

Squeeze in more photos, videos, apps, and whatnot with an iPad Air. And get an iPad stand for easier viewing.

AirPods with Charging Case

$159.00 (31% off)

Nothing really beats the OG. Remember the hype around 1st-gen AirPods when it was first released? Relive it right now at a much cheaper price. And here are some AirPods accessories to go with it.

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

$199.00 (35% off)

Now onto the 2nd-gen AirPods, with wireless charging. If you need to replace your 1st-gen AirPods, this is a downright thrifty update. Get a Qi-compatible charger, too.

AirPods Max

$549.00 (11% off)

Finally, AirPods Max has fallen under $500. Let’s celebrate that with a few drinks, and a brand new pair in silver, green, blue, or gray.

2020 iMac (27-inch, Retina 5K Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage)

$1,799.00 ($100 off)

You’re not delusional: iMac is now on sale. WFH people who really need to see things big and clear on screen, this is your chance.

Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm, Regular)

$399.00 ($50 off)

Yes, Apple Watch Series 7 is coming out, but with only iterative upgrades and no substantial change, meh. Get $50 off Apple Watch 6 and you still can enjoy 90 percent of Apple Watch 7’s features, in various colors too.

Apple Watch Series 5 with Milanese Loop (40mm, Cellular)

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS (38mm)

$199.00 (15% off)

Launched in 2017, this is for the kids who appreciate the classic, no-frills Apple Watch. It’s just a watch, why it gotta be so complicated anyway?

2020 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Storage)

$1,499.00 (10% off)

Rumor has it: 2021 MacBook Pro will ditch the touch bar. That’s sad news for people used to controlling volume and brightness on it. So here’s the 2020 touch bar MacBook Pro with a few bucks knocked off, across both colors and capacity.

2020 MacBook Air (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage)

$999.00 ($70 off)

No need to wait for the 2021 MacBook Air that’ll probably have no major upgrade, when a few bucks have already been shaved off the 2020 MacBook Air. Feel free to use the savings for MacBook accessories. 

Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones

$299.95 (41% off)

If you want advanced acoustics and fine-tuned sound without all the noise and too many dollars, here’s a cheaper option from Beats. Now cheaper than ever, and available in dark blue and light blue as well, might I add.

Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

$199.95 (40% off)

New to on-ear headphones? Solo3 is a great starter. Without all the NC tech, it retains the quality and connectivity of other Beats models. Available in multiple colors, many of which are on bigtime sale.

Powerbeats Wireless Earbuds

$149.95 (47% off)

These are the earbuds to trump all other earbuds. They are just so stylish, workout-friendly, and fall-proof. The kind of earbuds people in the know-know use. Now only half the price.

Apple MagSafe Charger

$39.99 (25% off)

Since Apple is constantly pushing wireless products onto us, why not give into it? Start from wireless charging with MagSafe, now cheaper than ever.

Leather Wallet with MagSafe

$59.00 (16% off)

Turn your regular iPhone case into a click-on MagSafe wallet case to store some credit cards and drop weight off your pockets.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1m)

$29.00 (14% off)

Seriously, don’t let your Apple Watch die off. An Apple Watch experience is not complete until you get this.

2020 Mac Mini (8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Storage)

$899.00 (11% off)

This is a small computer with no keyboard or screen. Weird, right? But when you already have a display and keyboard, pair them with the Mac mini instead of purchasing a new laptop. Really saves a lot of dough.

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