Best Pearl Jewelry and Necklaces for Men 2021

Mariana Salvo


So, you’re in the market for some pearl jewelry, huh? I mean, why else would you be here, learning about pearl jewelry? Right. So! Shall we get into it? Because there’s a good bit to get into.

First off, if you’ve never shopped for pearls before, you should know: they are not cheap. The really high-end ones—the flawless, perfectly round and lustrous ones you’re probably picturing in your head right now—can easily run into the many-thousands-of-dollars range. There’s one example of that on this list, a collaborative necklace from Mikimoto and Comme des Garçons, that is so damn cool that it’s well worth gazing at, even if you’re not ready to drop that kind of cash on a pearl necklace just yet. But there are also a whole bunch of other, more affordable, options.

See, once you leave the fine jewelry space and start digging around in other areas, you’ll find that not all pearls are created equal. And if you want to just test out the look for yourself, going with baroque pearls—which have an irregular shape—or even imitation pearls may be the way to go. Once you’ve sorted out how much you’re willing to spend, the only question becomes: what’s your vibe? Do you want something delicate and classic? Something offbeat and a little bohemian? Does dangling a pearl earring a la Harry Styles sound suitable, or would you rather try a pearl bracelet or even a pearl ring? Maybe all of the above?

The choice is yours, friend. That’s why I’ve pulled together a bunch of options below. Some are marketed as men’s jewelry. Others, as women’s pieces. But honestly, who cares? Aside from some very specific concerns—a women’s choker might not actually fit a bigger guy, for instance—the whole damn category is unisex. Don’t get hung up on the nomenclature. Instead, just rock your new pearl jewelry with gusto. Swap a strand of pearls for your go-to silver chain. Leave the monogrammed signet ring at home and wear a pearl one instead. Wear your pearls with tees and jeans or camp shirts and suits. The world is (I’m sorry, but it’s happening) your oyster. And you’re the pearl. Outfit yourself accordingly.

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White Freshwater Pearl Linear Earrings

Chan Luu


A little dangle, a little dazzle, and—for pearls–only a little money to get your hands on these earrings. 

Gold Pearl Pendant Necklace

$120.00 $110.00 (8% off)

This particular necklace was my first foray into wearing pearl jewelry. The amount of complements I immediately received confirmed that the idea was a good one.

Akoya Necklace



If you’re looking for something that balances pearls’ natural delicacy with something a little tougher, this combo of synthetic pearls and stainless steel should do the trick.

Catalina Sterling Silver and Cord Multi-Stone Bracelet



Your aunt in Sedona would definitely approve.

Halo Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace



One pearly bead on an otherwise low-key necklace is an extremely easy way to try the trend on for size.

Black Pearl

LEF Jewelry


Or, if you’d rather go dark, LEF offers this Tahitian pearl on an oxidized silver chain.

TROVE Pearl and Bead Chain

Imitation pearls alternate with brass beads on a choker that expertly balances traditionally masculine and feminine tropes.

Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelet



Big South Sea pearls and a chunky sterling silver clasp give the bracelet some extra oomph.

Barroque Pearl Signet Ring



Not your traditional use of pearls. Maybe that’s why it looks so damn enticing.

Essential Pearl Necklace



If you’re looking for a simple strand that won’t set your bank account back too far, look no further than Mejuri.

Dhin Layering Long Necklace



The naturalistic shape of the cultured freshwater pearl is complemented nicely by the not-too-perfect gold vermeil setting. And with a 24-inch chain, this one can stack nicely with other, shorter necklaces.

Trio Elm Burnished Sterling Silver and Pearl Bracelet



Pearls and stainless steel really do make for a great combo, as this bracelet so ably illustrates.

Akoya Pearl Necklace

MIKIMOTO x Comme des Garçons


An investment-level stunner with a nod to old-school punk style. If you’ve got the scratch, it doesn’t get much better.

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