Stutterheim Waterproof Rainwalker Chelsea Boots Review

Mariana Salvo

Store $160,

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Rain is a bummer, ideal? It rains when sad issues come about to beautiful people in new music video clips, so it can be got to be a bummer. But what if—and don’t freak out, here—rain is not a bummer. What if rain is truly wonderful, and we should all celebrate its arrival, primarily thinking about the simple fact that it can be, oh, you know, rather pretty much essential for human survival? Nah? However not into the rain? Very well, maybe some good boots will improve your head.

Very seriously, consider about why the rain is a bummer, if you see it that way: You get moist. Which is aggravating. But if you might be outfitted in the correct gear—good jacket, probably an umbrella, very good boots—all the problem falls away. And if these boots are comfortable and very good-looking enough that you can use them inside, absent from the h2o slipping from the sky…effectively, all the better. Which is why you need a pair of Stutterheim’s Chelsea Rainwalkers in your rotation.

A daring “Stutterheim” emblem sits just over the sole.

Timothy Mulcare

They’re made by gurus.

If you know the identify Stutterheim, it can be possible simply because you’ve got come throughout one of the Stockholm-centered brand’s raincoats. See, it rains a large amount in Sweden, and Stutterheim’s full reason for being is working with that point. The brand’s selection is all about trying to keep the heat in and the h2o out. All those coats—made of rubberized cotton and exceedingly minimalist—will simply keep you dry in a deluge. Effectively, your major 50 percent, at the very least. The Chelsea Rainwalkers exist to convey that exact same defense to your ft.

The pure rubber uppers have a cap on the toe for a tiny more toughness. (In addition, it appears to be good.)

Timothy Mulcare

They’re manufactured with the suitable things.

Stutterheim is by no usually means the only brand out there building a rubber Chelsea boot. What sets the Rainwalkers apart, however, is what goes into them: all-natural rubber. These issues are smooth and pliable, correct out of the box. It doesn’t really feel like your ft are currently being encased in plastic, like the feeling you get from some low cost galoshes. Honestly, it feels a lot more like the comfortable embrace of a good pair of leather boots. And, like leather-based, the rubber will conform to the wearer’s foot more than time, producing them extra snug.

The seriously lugged sole supplies traction and a far more style-forward glance.

Timothy Mulcare

They appear as very good as they truly feel.

Now, except you are a money F “Vogue Man,” I am not going to advise donning these with a accommodate in the place of work. But the Rainwalkers have a tricky, utilitarian glance to them that manages to lean a minor little bit a lot more “fashion ahead” and a tiny little bit a lot less “these are my rain boots, be sure to cease hunting at my ft.” It may well be the lugged sole, which presents ’em a little grit. Or probably it is the toe cap, which gives a little more toughness but also just appears great. Or, most likely, it can be the reality that the comfortable rubber product provides the uppers a truly streamlined condition. Most probably, it’s all individuals points put together. Whichever the rationale, you can find you searching ahead to wet days when you get to have on these boots once more.

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