Why does not the key open the security door?

Mariana Salvo

Do you notice that something has happened lately and the key does not open the security door of your house? The truth is that such a thing can not go unnoticed.

This is an issue that you need to address immediately because otherwise, it can create big and costly problems for you.

What do we mean? A key that does not open the lock, may end up breaking, or even part of it may be stuck in the lock.

In this case, you may have to change the entire lock, which can cost you a lot, especially if it is a security lock. So you want to know what could be wrong with not turning the key in the security door and what you can do about it?

If the lock is old:

The lock consists of 2 main parts, the cylinder, and the lock mechanism. Your key enters the cylinder to open the security door.

So if the key does not turn, the defect is likely to be on the cylinder. What can happen? If until recently the key opened the security door normally, but now it resists strongly, the cylinder may have worn out over time and need to be replaced.

Also, a lot of dust may have accumulated in the cylinder and may need cleaning. This is the pessimistic scenario.

On the other hand, your key may have picked up dirt, and that’s the optimistic scenario! Why optimistic? Because you will not have to pay a penny for its repair!

What can you do?

To begin with, try rubbing the recesses of the key thoroughly with a piece of kitchen paper. Clean them well, and try to unlock the security door. If it does not work, take a sharp pencil number 2 and rub the recesses of the key with your nose.

Then try to open the security door again. Only if these 2 fail, it is time to call a professional to replace the cylinder.

If the lock is new:

Of course, there is always the case that the lock and the key are not so old that we discuss the possibility that they have accumulated dirt and dust.

If the problem occurs in a relatively new lock, it may mean that the cylinder is defective in its construction.

In other words, we hope you have a guarantee for the lock from the professional who installed it because it will need immediate change.

However, there is a possibility that the key was not of good quality. If you see that it has bent and is about to break, you should change it without a second thought.

Problem with the key in the car door

In the case of the car, things can be a little more complicated. First and foremost, make sure your key is not worn or bent.

A faulty key can damage your lock, so it is a good idea to replace it immediately. If you find that the key does not open the car door, but the key is in excellent condition, then the problem is probably with the lock.

How will you maintain the lock?

What can happen? The switch may have worn out over time due to moisture and dirt. If so, then you can try something relatively simple. You will need an anti-rust and lubricating spray.

To begin with, you need to pour the anti-rust liquid into the lock-in doses. Do not throw it all in one dose, because it will drip everywhere, without having time to act. It would be good to let it act for a while.

You can then lubricate the lock with a small amount of lubricating spray. So your maintenance should be complete and the key should unlock the car properly. Keep in mind that this method is good to follow for regular maintenance of the lock, about once a year.

In the unfortunate event that this does not work, the lock will probably need to be replaced. Do not delay, because in the end the key may break in the lock and you may find yourself in front of a very unpleasant surprise.

If you still need help, because the key does not open the security door, contact the experts Alfino Door in Athens!

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