30 Best Sweatpants for Men 2021

Mariana Salvo


Sweatpants, both slim and slouchy alike, have long been given the designer treatment. The trajectory: Champion started it all, sportswear powerhouses like Adidas and Nike made them cool, Jean Paul Gaultier brought them to the runway, and now almost every brand worth their salt offers them (particular shout-out to Jerry Lorenzo and Brunello Cucinelli for really zhoozhing it). Indeed, they’re stylish as hell—and the best ones fit just as well as your favorite trousers.

Case in point: I went to dinner with an old college pal—at a pretty reputable restaurant in the Big Apple, no less—and I didn’t reach for dress pants or my go-to skinny black jeans. I donned a pair of thick, tapered black joggers, and I was perfectly content doing so. In fact, when I arrived at the spot, it was clear that I wasn’t the only one that got the memo. We’ve all become accustomed to comfort in the past year and half, and, like the hoodie, sweatpants surpassed their sport and streetwear origins, becoming a go-to for most, if not all, occasions.

From tried-and-true cotton classics to updated takes on the style from some of the coolest labels, including Martine Rose, Everlane, and Lululemon, there have never been more options for men—or a better time to be in the market for a pair of today’s subtly tweaked, super-soft sweatpantss. Even the designer options, with their sleeker silhouettes or idiosyncratic cuts, are still cozy as ever. In other words, they’re all made for wearing in public proudly and comfortably. Now all you have to do is scroll through the 32 best sweatpants out there, all of which are primed for anything and everything you have planned.

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ComfortBlend EcoSmart Sweatpants

You could go all-in on tracking down the fanciest pair of sweatpants money can buy, or you could cop Hanes’ take and save yourself a lot of headache—and a serious amount of coin. 

Dri-Power Open Bottom Sweatpants

Russell Athletic

Let’s be honest here: in sweatpants, as in most other things, you can never really beat the classics. And Russell’s are about as classic as it gets. 


Surprise, surprise: The modern master of pared-down basics makes a pair of sweatpants as pretty-damn-near-perfect as you’d expect. 

Jogger Pants

A perfectly cut pair in classic-as-it-comes heather gray. 

Slim Fleece Sweatpant

J.Crew Factory


J.Crew’s Factory line tends to be the perfect place to scoop some of the brand’s most beloved styles at a steep discount. These slim-fitting fleece sweats are no exception. 

Warriors Sweatpants

Carrots By Anwar Carrots


*Clinks bottles on fingers menacingly* 

Sweatpants. Come out to play-ayyyy.

Fleece Joggers

When it comes to performance fleece of any kind, particularly sweatpants, the Gap has the style down pat. 

Serious Sweatpants

Lands’ End


Lands’ End continues to offer quality wardrobe staples that just don’t quit. What more could you want from a pair of pants you’re going to wear every single day? 

Lightweight Fleece Joggers



The sweatpants that started it all still make for a damn solid choice today.

Comfort Camp Sweatpants



There’s no sign more telling of the sweatpants’s staggering rise to popularity than the fact that a stalwart of sturdy Americana now makes one of the best pairs around.

Heavy Fleece Pants

Los Angeles Apparel


Los Angeles Apparel’s sweatpants are like wearing a weighted blanket you never have to take off.  

The Track Pant



Sustainably made cotton joggers for when you want to while the day away, but don’t want to feel too bad doing it. 

Tapered Flex Sweatpants



If you’re in the market for sweats, you could do way worse than any of the many, many options the Swoosh currently offers, including these ultra-sleek joggers. 

Ace Sweatpant

Mack Weldon


Mack Weldon didn’t turn itself into a very real contender in the epic athleisure slugfest of the 2010s by making an inferior product. The brand’s Ace sweatpant is made out of micro-sanded french terry for a super-soft finish that’s still durable as hell. 

Cxc Joggers

Cross Colours


A relatively understated offering from the beloved ’90s brand known for bold colors and a refreshingly optimistic outlook on life.

Home Team Joggers



Big collegiate branding + an embroidered ice cream cone = a successfully offbeat pair of sweatpants.

Terry Trouser

Richer Poorer


All Day Sweatpant

Outdoor Voices


Made from a polyester and spandex knit fabric, these Outdoor Voices sweatpants are as comfortable as they are breathable. 

Transit Jogger



If Vuori isn’t on your radar yet, it should be. The brand’s Transit Jogger is sleek enough to wear almost anywhere, and so comfortable you’ll want to. 

Oatmeal Recycled Cotton Sweatpants

Come Back As A Flower


Tie-dye ain’t dead, y’all. 

Midweight Slim Jogger Sweatpant

Todd Snyder + Champion


Crafted from a garment-dyed french terry for a lived-in look you should take as a suggestion. In other words: Live in ’em. 

At Ease Jogger



Lululemon, the brand that made yoga cool, rarely misses when it comes to its tried-and-true activewear offerings. These joggers are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Side Stripe Sweatpants

Aviator Nation


All Aviator Nation products go through an intense breaking-down process, so by the time they get to you, they’ll have that vintage feel you know and love. 

Pflex Eco Joggers

Reigning Champ


Reigning Champ remains the, well, reigning champ of the sweatpants game. 

Green Restore Lounge Pants

From Jeremy Scott to Travis Scott, Ksubi had some nifty collabs with, well, Scotts. But the Australian streetwear label only attracted these big names because it already offers the kind of wares, like these sweatpants, that all the cool cats covet.  

CL Track Pants

Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most influential designers of all time, and his pioneering partnership with Adidas consistently yields pieces that seamlessly merge his design chops with the athletic apparel giant’s knack for nailing all the best elements of activewear. Evidence: These track pants. 

Two-Tone Track Pants

Heron Preston x Caterpillar


These sweatpants are all about pairings: Heron Preston and Caterpillar, a black and gray colorway, and, most important, style and durability. 

Escopar Drawstring Sweatpants

John Elliott


What more is there left to say about John Elliott’s now-signature take on the style that made him a household name? The brand is beloved for its sleek, expertly crafted sweatpants for a reason. 

Red Tie-Dye Slim Logo Sweatpants

Martine Rose


Heavily inspired by Euro rave culture and sports teams, Martine Rose consistently offers super luxe fits that blend these two sensibilities. These sweatpants are proof. 

The Vintage Sweatpants

Fear of God


Fear of God Jerry Lorenzo’s damn near pioneered the idea of status sweats, elevating loungewear, sportswear, and anything meant for indoors to new heights. Case in point: This exquisite tan jogger.

Drawstring Pintuck Jogger Sweatpants

Brunello Cucinelli


Brunello Cucinelli is known as the cashmere king, but as these sweatpants show, he’s equally adept at offering some mighty fine cotton options.

Silk and Cashmere-Blend Sweatpants



If you’re going to spend this much on a pair of sweatpants, they should be made out of a cashmere and silk blend courtesy of Tom Ford, a brand synonymous with fabrics so fine they feel like wearing a cloud. 

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