Best Bucket Hats for Men 2021

Mariana Salvo


Bucket hats: For the longest time, I never understood the appeal. It was a style that I associated with fervent fishermen, grandmothers in the garden, and devotees of Hunter S. Thompson—descriptors that I am not. But like mayonnaise, spinach, and podcasts, I have come to have a newfound appreciation for the chapeau beloved by Fear and Loathing fans. Because the bucket hat is fully happening right now, and it’s actually kind of great.

It all started—as with most things I love about fashion—with Prada. At the Spring 2022 show, designers Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada presented a collection filled to the brim with variations of the bucket hat: black nylon, white cotton, red leather, yellow vinyl, stripes, you name it. My interest in the hat was piqued. Then came Virgil Abloh’s show for Louis Vuitton that same season. He, too, showcased buckets, this time with the LV logo or a psychedelic print. There was nothing outdoorsy about them. They were cool. Urbane. They had a sense of humor. I officially became a bucket hat convert. So much so that I bought three in the span of a few weeks, most likely while listening to a podcast and eating a sandwich slathered in mayo.

I am fully aware that I am a late bloomer when it comes to the bucket hat; the style has been riding the resurgence of ’90s fashion for some time now. I also spent my formative years in the “be kind, rewind” decade, so I’m really late. Nevertheless, I’m into it now, and with the selection below, you could be, too.

The trick, if you’re wondering, is to simply wear one. Don’t overthink it. Don’t try for a fisherman vibe, or a Hunter S. vibe. Just try for your vibe and throw a bucket hat on top. You might be surprised by how easy it is to wear one. Or maybe you won’t be. Maybe it’ll just feel that natural. You’re a bucket hat convert now. Welcome to the club.

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Vintage-Inspired Bucket Hat

Reclaimed Vintage


Add this to your check list. (Sorry, but it needed to be said.)

Sportswear Futura Tie Dye Bucket Hat



If you live and die by the Swoosh, rest assured it’s got you covered too.  

Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

Adidas Originals


Still on the fence about tie-dye? Take it slow by starting with an accessory. 

Logo-Embroidered Cotton-Gauze Bucket Hat



The tried-and-true uniform for every OC skateboarder.

Bucket Hat with Flag Logo

Tommy Jeans


It doesn’t get anymore ’90s than this, folks. 

Green Crusher Bucket Hat

The ideal hat for when you want to add a pop of color—in this case, an easy, bucolic green.  

Big Logo Casual Bucket Hat



No bucket hat story is complete without Kangol. 

Multi Colored Repatch Bucket Hat

Daily Paper


With this hat, all you need is a simple tee, your favorite jeans, and white sneakers to be fully minted. 

Tie-Dye Cotton-Serge Bucket Hat

Paul Smith


If a Monet turned into a hat, this would be it. 

Madras Patchwork Bucket



Gilligan Hat

Rick Owens x Champion


Even Rick Owens has jumped on the bucket-hat craze. That says something. 

Black Bucket Hat

Heron Preston


A little bit of orange goes a looong way. 

‘Stranded in the Jungle’ Printed Cotton-Drill Bucket Hat

CELINE HOMME + Gregory Edwards


I could throw out a bunch of animal-slash-wilderness puns, but all anyone needs to hear is that this hat is fucking cool. 

For the Nature Bucket Hat



Tell me you’re into nature without telling me you’re into nature. 

Re-Nylon Logo Bucket Hat



It’s all there in the intro. 

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